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Seachem DeNitrate removes nitrates, nitrites, ammonia, and organics.

High porosity biological media.

Pore size well suited for anaerobic bacteria.

No danger of hydrogen sulphide production as with sulphur based media.

What is Seachem DeNitrate?

Seachem DeNitrate helps to remove the nitrates, nitrites, ammonia and organics from your fish tank.

To have a clear understanding as to why this is important please bear with us while we embark on a short chemistry lesson:

Ammonia, nitrite and nitrate are all by-products of waste breaking down in an aquarium and are all toxic at some level to your fish and to your plants. Quite a lot of fish and plant waste can gather in your tank as well as uneaten food, algae and bacteria.  You need to break down and remove your tank waste or turn it into something that another organism can utilise. The breakdown of waste in a fish tank is a 4 part process:

1. The waste from fish, plants and foods break down and releases ammonia.

2. The ammonia is toxic and therefore must be converted to nitrite by bacteria.

3. Nitrite is also toxic to fish and must be converted to nitrate by bacteria.

4. Nitrate isn’t as toxic as nitrite and is used by plants or algae for growth.

To help the above 4 step process you need to add some highly porous biological media to your filter/water flow.

Economical and natural

Seachem DeNitrate is a very economical, natural, porous material. It has a geometry that promotes aerobic nitrification on the first few mm of depth and then anaerobic denitrification at the core.
Aerobic bacteria grows in water flow over 200 litres per hour while anaerobic bacteria grows in water flow under 200 litres per hour.
If you need to reduce nitrates and ammonia in a tank with a flow rate of greater than 200l/hour please use Seachem Matrix

Seachem DeNitrate has a really high surface area which allows bacteria to grow in a low oxygen level of water. This aids in the reduction of the nitrate within your aquarium.

To get the best out of Seachem DeNitrate use it in a low flow area of your aquarium. You can use it either within the filter box of an external filter, a separate media reactor or an internal filter. The internal filter must, however, have a flow of under 200 litres per hour.

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