Seachem Filter Sock

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Polyester felt filter sock with plastic collar.
Improves water quality and reduces filter maintenance.
Singed finish reduces wear from friction.
Sonically welded seams and collar.
Large and small sizes.

Filter socks are a critical component in maintaining water quality in aquariums. They remove suspended debris and detritus, which often lead to excess dissolved organics, nitrate, and phosphate when left unchecked. This makes the Seachem Filter Sock an integral addition to any sump and overflow system. In addition to its 100 micron rating for exceptional particulate removal, it features welded seams, which, unlike threaded seams of similar products, will not breakdown over time. It has a singed finish, which reduces wear and prevents release of fibers back into the water column. Finally, the plastic collar simplifies installation and easily fits standard sump fittings.

Rinse before use. Fit Seachem Filter Sock into any standard sump or overflow system made for collared filter socks. Remove as necessary for cleaning. Under normal use, cleaning can be accomplished by simply rinsing with a high-pressure hose. For more aggressive cleaning, soak in 1:10 solution of bleach and water for 24 hours and then rinse thoroughly with a high-pressure hose. It can also be cleaned in a standard clothes washing machine; wash on a moderate setting with a cup of bleach added to the wash cycle. Once the normal rinse cycle is complete, Seachem Filter Sock is ready for use.

10 x 30 cm / 4” x 12” (10 cm / 4” plastic collar)
17.5 x 40.5 cm / 7” x 16” (17.5 cm / 7” plastic collar)

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10 x 30cm, 17.5 x 40.5cm