Think Water Quality Testing, Think Seachem

Think Water Quality Testing, Think Seachem

Keeping your Water Clean & Healthy

Do you know why Seachem is the world leader when it comes to at home water quality testing for aquariums? It is because Seachem water testing kits are the market leaders for value, performance and ease of use.

Let us tell you more.

Water Purity Test Kits from Seachem

We sell a broad range of water quality testing equipment and kits to suit all requirements and all aquarium environments.

All Seachem products are designed to work smarter, to make your life easier, so our water testing kits include numerous MultiTest products, with multi cavity plates for simultaneous testing of up to 6 tests at a time.

Seachem MultiTest kits are available for saltwater, freshwater and reef environments.

Seachem Alert – No Water Testing Kits Required

In addition to our water purity test kits we have also developed the Seachem Alert series.

The Alert range of products, like the vast majority of Seachem products, was designed in-house by our team of dedicated scientists and out performs most comparable products available on the market today.

With Seachem Alert products, which include Ammonia Alert and PH Alert, you don’t need to use any form of water quality testing beyond your own eyesight.

These innovative colour devices continually monitor the PH or ammonia levels in the water and change colour as levels alter. Simply cast a glance at the small, unobtrusive alert device each day and note as the changing levels in the water as the colour changes then act when required.

We even stock Lil Alert Mates – Ammonia Alert devices in the shape of fun fishy friends for the enjoyment of little aquarium enthusiasts – because this water testing equipment is so simple that even a child could use it.

What’s even better – the Seachem Alert range of water quality testing devices last up to a year.

To the best of our knowledge that is 9 times as long as the leading competitor product!

Easy, Long Lasting Water Quality Testing Kits

Seachem is the largest independent pet supply store in the world.

We are run by and employ many genuine hobbyists with a passion for aquariums and as a result we produce products that are longer lasting, better value and easier to use than those available from the leading competitors.

We are, quite simply, the world leaders in water quality testing and in all areas of aquarium product supply.

Water Test Kit and Water Testing products from Seachem

Water Test Kit and Water Testing products from Seachem

What Seachem has to offer

Since you’ve found your way to the Seachem website the chances are that you already know how susceptible fish are to even the slightest of alterations to water chemistry and that you already appreciate the important role that reliable water testing equipment like a water test kit plays in the life of your aquarium.

If you are setting up a new aquarium or you have found yourself losing fish it is time to look into water testing products and you are going to need information on the various water test kits on the market today.

Seachem – World leaders in Water Test Kits

You may also already be aware that Seachem is regarded internationally as a world leader in water testing products.

For over thirty years Seachem has been owned and operated by Hobbyists with a passion for keeping fish and it remains one of the largest independently owned pet supply brands.

Most Seachem products, including the water testing equipment, is unique and specific to the brand, so Seachem is the only name you need to look for when seeking a water test kit.

Water test kits from Seachem, the range

The Alert Series from Seachem is a range of ingenious water testing solutions that actually require no water test kits, no chemicals and no special procedures at all to ensure that the ammonia and freshwater pH levels in your aquarium remain exact.

You simply insert the colour device into the water – one for ammonia and a second for pH. No ongoing care is required beyond casting a glance at the devices regularly to note the colour. If the levels in the water change, the colour of the device changes and you can react accordingly.

Seachem Alert Series products are around half the size of products from the leading competitor and last over 4 times as long!

Seachem also offers a wide range of water test kits and water testing equipment to monitor the levels of iron, copper, nitrate, silicate, phosphate and iodine/iodide, as well as specialist reef testing kits that monitor strontium and calcium.

All of our water testing kits are extremely sensitive, for accurate results, and are available in multi test kits to cut down on the effort and expenditure required.