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Seachem Paraguard removes ectoparasites, fungal, bacterial, and viral lesions.

It is Safer to dose than formaldehyde, formalin, and methanol.

No negative issues with the Bio filter.

What is Seachem Paraguard?

Many products which are made to behave like Seachem Paraguard use formalin based medications which are toxic and difficult to use. Seachem Paraguard contains no formaldehyde or methanol and will not alter the pH of your tank. Other products which make their way onto the UK market also use ingredients which have been banned by the VMD and could be deemed “harmful”.

Seachem Paraguard uses a proprietary, synergistic blend of malachite green, aldehydes and fish protective polymers. These efficiently and safely eradicate many ectoparasites (white spot) and external fungal, viral lesions and bacterial infections (fin rot).

Fish Hospital

Seachem Paraguard is the only fish and filter safe parasite control product available and, as a result, should be used whenever new fish are added to a community tank and in the “fish hospital” set up.

Remove all invertebrates and chemical filtration from the aquarium. Use 5mL (1 capful) of ParaGuard for every 40L. Repeat this dose daily as required as long as fish show no signs of stress.

Seachem ParaGuard as a medicated dip

For 1 hour dips, use 3mL per 4L in a container separate from your main tank. Also, you can extend dips if your fish show no signs of stress. Keep in mind that many diseases linger in the water as well as on the fish. A fish dip treatment is no good if you put the fish right back into the infected water.

This is a tank set up in order to monitor and medicate new fish before they go into the main aquarium. Seachem ParaGuard is gentle enough to use without visible symptoms if needed. Quarantine times vary, but we recommend 2 weeks of treatment to clear out any possible external infections.

Sensitive Fish
Some fish are more sensitive to medications than others. Tank dwellers such as Eels, loaches, rays, sharks and many others are sensitive to all kinds of medications. Do you suspect your fish may be sensitive to medications? In which case, it’s fine to start with a smaller percentage dose and build up to the full dose over several days.

Not recommended for reef aquaria.

WARNING! Do not eat, drink, or get into the eyes! In the event of eye exposure quickly and thoroughly wash eyes with water and seek medical attention as soon as possible.

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