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The Seachem HydroTote is a collapsible jug that holds up to 20 L (5 gallons). It's perfect for customers that get their saltwater, RO water, at a local store.

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Collapsible water jug

Easily transport saltwater, RO water, and DI water

Two sizes–20 L (5 gallons) & the new 10 L (2.5 gallons)

20 L features faucet spout for easier pouring

Collapsible water bottle – The Seachem HydroTote is a collapsible water bottle that holds up to 20 L (5 gallons). It’s perfect for fish keepers who obtain their saltwater, RO water or DI water from their local aquatic store. When not in use the Seachem Hydrotote will easily fold up to take up far less space. It pours water easily and can withstand a drop of up to 3 meters while full. It is the ideal for fish keepers wishing to visit their local fish store to purchase either Ro water or ready mixed Salt water for their aquariums.

We also recommend Seachem Salinity for any mixed Salt water.

Seachem HydroTote collapsible water bottle

collapsible water bottleSpace Saving water storage at its best. It is very easy to fill up with RO water or Salted water and even easier to transport it! The 20l Seachem Hydrotote also features a faucet spout for easier pouring.

At a glance:
The Seachem HydoTota is a collapsible water bottle That Can Be Used To Easily Transport Saltwater & Ro Water.
Holds up to 5 gallons and when not in use you can collapse the HydroTote nearly flat.
Ideal for all non caustic liquids.

Please note: this is an empty, collapsible container. It Does not come supplied with water but you can use it for any kind of liquid transfer.

Jake Adams from says:
“The Seachem HydroTote is another practical product which should appeal to lots of casual reefers and especially the retailers that sell pre-mixed saltwater. The HydroTote is a collapsable water jug, the likes of which you might take camping which basically fold up to reduce space once the fluid has been emptied. The pliable plastic (probably polyethylene) of the HydroTote holds up to 20 liters, 5 gallons and it collapses nearly flat when emptied.”

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