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Seachem Entice is a Scent and flavor enhancer for finicky eaters

Works on all fish, but particularly with saltwater angels and butterflies

Soak food or simply add to aquarium

Seachem Entice ™ is an all natural scent and flavor enhancer for finicky eaters.

As it happens ,  fish and birds aren’t all that different than humans when it comes to our different approaches to novel foods. Members of the same species have very distinct personalities that shape our personal decisions to try new foods.  Some of us are neophobes (fear of initial novelty); we always stay within our limited palettes no matter what.  Some of us are “Adventurous Consumers” willing to eat just about anything that will fit in our mouths.  And then there are those in between, called “Dietary Conservatives,” who stick to the foods we know but may eventually accept (even fixate on) foods outside of our original comfort zone.

A recent study found that tropical fish are more Adventurous Consumers than researches had anticipated.  The scientists initially theorized that tropical fish, like temperate fish previously studied, would be predominantly Dietary Conservatives because “survival of the fittest” suggests that optimized food consumption would lead fish to have very narrow palettes.   And while most of the tropical fish they researched were indeed Dietary Conservatives, the scientists discovered their tropical fish were a mixed population with a surprising portion of Adventurous Consumers.  The researchers theorize that tropical fish may be more adventurous eaters because tropical environments offer a greater variety of foods than temperate ecosystems.  In other words, the biodiversity of tropical waters may be partially responsible for why many of the fish we keep are willing and able to eat the “unnatural” foods we provide them.

 Simply mix Seachem Entice ™ with any food item, such as Seachem’s NutriDiet® Flakes, to attract the interest of finicky eaters. Ideal for all marine and freshwater fish
Briefly soak food prior to feeding or add 1 or 2 capfuls directly to aquarium in the same location in which food was just added. Shake well before use. There is no danger of over use so use as liberally or sparingly as you find necessary.

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