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Why use Seachem Cuprisorb ?

Copper is an element that can be present in all marine aquariums .It can be naturally produced by various sources

In the sea,Copper is always present,but because of the huge quantities of water,it is diluted to a state of harmlessness.

Things are different in the aquarium. Lower volumes of water mean copper Is raised to more concentrated levels.It is vital that this is removed because

it is very toxic and therefore deadly to corals and invertebrates .

Check copper levels by using a test kit,Seachem Copper Test Kit is the most accurate way of achieving this.

If there is any copper present ,use Seachem Cuprisorb.

Put Seachem Cuprisorb in a filter bag, Seachem’s ‘ The Bag ‘ is ideal for this because of it’s extremely fine mesh, and allow the aquarium water to pass through it.

Because Cuprisorb is a powerful absorbent it will remove copper quickly and efficiently .If used long enough ,it also clear copper from the substrate

and gravel beds.

An Important thing to remember is that Copper is extensively used as a cure for Ich and other parasites. This ideally should be done in a separate

Isolation tank.In the event of treated water being in contact with the main Aquarium Cuprisorb will extract this .

When it turns dark blue Cuprisorb is indicating that it is used up to capacity.

It can be re generated,but it is a lot simpler to buy a new jar.

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