Reef Zooplankton

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Concentrated blend of marine zooplankton

Size ranges from 12.5-500 μm

Enhanced to increase the bioavailability of important nutrients

Reef Zooplankton is a concentrated blend of marine zooplankton designed to provide the essential fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, amino acids, with biological carotenoids for coral growth. The particle size range is 12.5-500 µm to feed a broad range of marine aquarium inhabitants.

Reef Zooplankton contains a natural source of carotenoids which provides essential proteins as well as a more bioavailable source of pigmentation when compared to other natural sources and synthetic pigments. Carotenoids provide the extra benefit of antioxidant activity.

Reef Zooplankton

In addition, Reef Zooplankton is enhanced to increase the bioavailability of important nutrients such as proteins, lipids, B vitamins, and other organic pigments. As a result corals expend less energy to derive the nutritional benefit. Reef Zooplankton is blended to contain proper ratio of fatty acids, carbohydrates, and proteins.

Ingredients: Fenneropenaeus chinensis, Artemia, Rotifer, Protein Hydrolysates with carotenoids, Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid, Carboxylic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben

Safety Data Sheets

There is no need to refrigerate this product as it contains preserving agents that help the product maintain its integrity even if not refrigerated. As long as it is kept at room temperature, it should be fine for use.

Can I spot feed with Reef Zooplankton or Reef Phytoplankton?
With any supplements that are concentrated such as Reef ZooPlankton or Reef PhytoPlankton, it is best to disperse them into the aquarium and “blanket feed” rather than direct feeding as the components or even force applied from spot feeding can induce stress in sensitive coral tissue. They are really designed to be dosed into the tank itself and for the plankton sources to be taken in by the coral polyps from the water column versus target feeding.

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