Tell Me More About Seachem Chemical Filtration

Tell Me More About Seachem Chemical Filtration

How do Seachem Hypersorb and Seachem Purigen 100ml Compare?

We at Seachem produce the best performing, longest lasting chemical filtration media on the market.

We are often asked how our chemical filtration products compare to one another and which products should be used in which setting.

Two such products that are highly comparable are Seachem HyperSorb and Seachem Purigen 100ml.

Here we will address the most frequently asked questions about these products and how they compare/contrast.

Why use Seachem Chemical Filtration Products?

Seachem is a dedicated company, employing a team of top scientists that is focused on one thing – creating the best performing, most economical products for the aquatics industry.

As a result, our chemical filtration media is second to none.

We offer a range of products that compliment each other and are suited to a variety of fresh and saltwater settings.

Seachem HyperSorb, our original chemical filtration media, outperforms all other blended synthetic media and compounds.

Even this fantastic product, however, has now been superseded in our top selling product range by Seachem Purigen 100ml, a completely unique filtration media of our own design that removes impurities from water at a rate that exceeds all comparable competitor products by 500%.

So you can see that Seachem really is the brand to buy when it comes to products for your aquarium but which filtration product should you opt for and why?

Seachem HyperSorb and Seachem Purigen – The Similarities

Both of these products are chemical filtration resin that help control ammonia/nitrite levels.

They both sit inside the filter of your aquarium in a filter bag (such as The Bag, available on our site). Both products will change colour over time to indicate when they are loaded with impurities and need to be removed.

Once they are removed, both Hypersorb and Purigen can be easily regenerated using household bleach, making the resin reusable and meaning that your product will last for a long time.

Both are suitable for both fresh and saltwater.

Seachem HyperSorb and Seachem Purigen – The Differences

Purigen was developed after HyperSorb and is unique in its makeup.

It is neither an ion exchange resin or a scavenger resin.

It is a macro-porous synthetic polymer that removes soluble and insoluble impurities at an incredibly high rate. It’s removal capacity is much higher than most other products on the market.

Seachem Purigen has a much higher capacity for organic waste removal than Seachem Hypersorb and for this reason we recommend opting for this product if you have a reef aquarium.

Looking After Plants for Ponds

Looking After Plants for Ponds

Caring for Aquatic Plants For Ponds

Any pond plant supplier will tell you that floating pond plants and other plant life that exists in and around your pond has an important role to play in its ecosystem.

Plants do for ponds, in effect, what trees do for us – they create oxygen and provide shelter.

They also go beyond this.

As well as providing shelter for frogs and insects, and hiding places for fish, plants for ponds support your pond’s filtration. They absorb or assimilate unwanted elements in the water and help to maintain the biological balance.

In the summer, floating pond plants will help to stop your pond from overheating.

In short, pond plant suppliers perform an important role because pond plants are vital to the life of your pond, especially if you keep fish.

For these reasons and more it is important to keep your pond plants alive and in good condition. Much like your fish, plants for ponds must be fed with the correct nutrients and provided with the optimal environment and care to flourish.

That is why Seachem provides a range of pond plant supplements that is recommended and preferred by pond plant suppliers the world over.

Seachem Pond Plant Supplement Range

Our range of pond plant supplements is known as Flourish. The Flourish range works with you to support the growth and maintenance of floating pond plants and other beneficial plants for ponds.

There are three products in our pond plant supplement range. They work synergistically to support plants, for ponds that support and encourage wildlife of all types. These products include:

Seachem Pond Flourish – a liquid growth stimulator for pond plant stems and leaves

Pond Flourish Tabs growth stimulating tablets for pond plant roots. Great for the beginner, they contain all the nutrients found in Flourish but in a dry, tabular form

Pond Flourish Iron – the companion product to Seachem Flourish and Flourish Tabs, Flourish Iron contains 10,000mg/L and is ideal for iron maintenance in your pond

Seachem is one of the world’s leading suppliers of pond and aquarium supplies. We have a team of scientists working to develop new and improved solutions to all of your needs and they are happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you have a query about plants for ponds head to our FAQ page. If that doesn’t contain the answer you are looking for you can submit a question to ask a Seachem expert.

Seachem Reef Calcium

Seachem Reef Calcium

The Best Calcium for your Reef

If you are searching for the best calcium supplement for your reef tank then read on.

There is a reason why Seachem is the world’s leading supplier of aquarium supplies. Here will will provide you with some information relating to our reef supplement range, including Seachem Reef Calcium.

The Best Calcium Supplement for Reef Tanks

Seachem is one of the world’s only independent pet supply companies.

In business for over 30 years and now sold worldwide, our products are preferred by hobbyists the world over for their innovative features and Seachem Reef Calcium is no exception. Most Seachem products are completely unique to the brand, developed by our dedicated team of scientists.

Seachem Reef Calcium is a liquid organic calcium source designed to maintain calcium levels in your tank and to accelerate coral growth.

It does this by making the maximum amount of calcium available for coral to absorb. Seachem Reef Calcium utilises chained organic calcium rather than an ionic calcium. This form of calcium is absorbed and utilized easily by the coral, with minimal energy required.

On the other hand, the charged molecules in ionic calcium require a larger amount of energy to take in. Our calcium supplement allows coral to take in as much calcium through organic chains when tank calcium levels are low, as they would through ionic calcium with much higher levels required.

Seachem Reef Calcium Will NOT Cause Algae Growth

Due to a common misconception we are often asked whether Seachem Reef Calcium contains sugars that can lead to algae growth. It absolutely does not and this product simply cannot lead to the growth of algae.

This reef supplement contains no nitrogen or phosphorus so it is biologically impossible for it to lead to algae growth.

The belief that it can is based on a faulty assumption based on the premise that polyglyconate is the same as glucose. It is not.

In fact, the presence of polyglyconate can even have the beneficial side effect of lowering nitrate levels in your tank if they are too high, because corals, as well as your biological filter, can break it down and use it as a carbon source.

Seachem Reef Calcium Used With Other Seachem Reef Supplements

Reef Calcium can be used alone but is designed to maintain, not increase, calcium levels so increased coral growth will be seen if it is used alongside one of our ionic calcium supplements – Reef Complete or Reef Advantage Calcium.

Is Seachem Reef Calcium the best calcium supplement for reef tanks? Our customers certainly seem to think so. Since Seachem products offer the best value of any aquarium products on the market you have nothing to lose by giving it a go.

Using Seachem Prime for Aquariums

Using Seachem Prime for Aquariums

What Does Prime do for Aquariums?

Seachem Prime water treatment and prime for aquarium are our top selling products worldwide and for good reason. It is by far the industry’s leading complete water conditioner.

Here we will tell you everything you need to know about why that is and what you can expect from Seachem Prime for aquarium water treatment.

In essence, Seachem Prime is a complete conditioner for both fresh and saltwater tanks. It completely detoxifies the heavy, toxic metals found in tap water, leaving a safe environment for your fish.

Specifically, it removes chlorine and chloramine while detoxifying ammonia and nitrate. It is also important to note that Seachem Prime water treatment will not alter the pH levels on your tank because it is non-acidic.

Prime for Aquariums Goes Further

Seachem Prime water conditioner is not the only water conditioning treatment on the market but it does offer a number of innovations that keep it on top.

One of the most beneficial aspects of the product is its level of concentration. Just 5ml of Prime water treatment is needed for a 250 litre tank, meaning that it lasts five times longer than its leading competitor.

As a result we can confidently say that Seachem Prime for aquariums is the most cost-effective water conditioner treatment available in the world.

Seachem Prime; for Aquarium Innovation

Being good for water, Prime water treatment is great for fish and other marine life.

Thanks to our dedicated team of scientists this product is packed full of innovations but one of the cleverest is that it encourages the natural defence systems of your fish.

While other products in this space can claim to add a slime coating to fish, the essential ions within Prime encourage fish to produce their own natural coating, as nature intended.

Another nifty little feature worthy of note is the water Seachem Prime water conditioner tackles the ammonia in your tank. While all conditioners neutralise ammonia, only Prime water treatment will leave the ammonia completely detoxified, safe and present for the bacteria in the tank to digest and remove naturally.

What’s more, Prime for aquariums will not affect the skimmer or the skimming process in your marine tank.

It will go about its business, providing a more thorough conditioning than any of its leading competitors, without causing the overproduction of foam or any other adverse effects.

Know your Prime Water Treatment

Seachem Prime water conditioner is the most thorough and long lasting product on the market – prime for aquarium use, you might say!

It’s simple to use and the only FAQ we get about Seachem Prime is ‘is it supposed to smell like this?’

The answer, invariably, is ‘yes’. Prime has a distinct, sulphur smell.

That’s normal.

That smell doesn’t mean it’s gone off, it just means that you have your hands on genuine Seachem Prime for aquariums and your fish are in safe hands!

Reasons to Choose Seachem Products

Reasons to Choose Seachem Products

Marine Aquarium Products & Reef Aquarium Supplies All in Our List of Seachem Products

Seachem and Seachem products were created by hobbyists for hobbyists.

When the company began over thirty years ago, it did so due to genuine gaps in the market.

Seachem products were developed by people who enjoy keeping aquariums in order to meet their unique needs and the needs of people like them.

Seachem remains, to this day, one of the largest independently owned pet supply businesses in the world – still run by people like you, for people like you, with the aim of supplying the best freshwater and marine aquarium products on the market, through a network of approved dealers.

The vast majority of Seachem products outperform the leading competitor products by a long, long way.

Take, for example, best selling Seachem product Ammonia Alert which lasts, on average, 9 times longer than other competing products.

Seachem marine products and reef aquarium supplies are designed to be as easy as possible to use.

An aquarium is a complex environment in which chemical levels must be kept in delicate balance in order for life within that environment to thrive.

There is a lot to consider when maintaining an aquarium so the least we can do is to make the products you need as easy to use as possible.

Many of our water testing kits, for example, require no testing at all! They simply change the colour of the water when chemicals are out of balance.

You can’t get easier than that.

Seachem Has a Reputation For Innovation

We don’t just repackage old ideas. We have a staff of scientists working diligently to create Seachem products that bring entirely new solutions to the market.

As a result of our ongoing research and development, most Seachem products are totally unique to Seachem.

You will not find comparable marine aquarium supplies with other brands and, in most cases, you will not find products as simple to use and economical as Seachem products.

Our premium line aquavitro is designed to respond to new information and technologies as quickly as they arise. This is a no compromise, premium range of reef aquarium supplies and supplies for planted aquariums.

Aquavitro is a proud supporter of the Coral Restoration Foundation, a charitable organisation working to save the backbone of marine ecology.

All Seachem products, including marine aquarium supplies, reef aquarium supplies and more are now conveniently available to buy online in the UK via operates a question and answer section on the FAQ page of the website, so you need never wonder about how to use your Seachem Products.
There are a selection of questions already answered on that page but our technical experts are on hand to answer your specific enquiries about our unique product line.

The Top 10 Seachem Aquarium Products for Well-Equipped Hobbyists

The Top 10 Seachem Aquarium Products for Well-Equipped Hobbyists

The Best 10 Around

Seachem aquarium products, world leaders, have a wide range of innovative, effective aquarium supplies available online for freshwater environments, saltwater environments, reefs and ponds.

All Seachem aquarium products have been produced by one of the longest established independent pet supply brands to meet genuine needs in the marketplace and the vast majority outperform rival products by a significant margin.

Here we’ll shine a spotlight on the top 10 selling Seachem products in the UK.

Seachem Aquarium Products, UK Top 10

  1. Flourish Excel

Flourish is a top selling Seachem aquarium product due to its simplicity and effectiveness. It acts as an alternative or an addition to a CO2 injection to become a carbon source for the plants in your aquarium.

It’s a great option for aiding photosynthesis in your aquarium at a fraction of the cost of CO2.

  1. Seachem Prime

One of our all time best selling aquarium supplies online, Seachem Prime is a complete and concentrated conditioner.

Suitable for both salt and freshwater, Prime removes chlorine and chloramine and detoxifies ammonia and nitrate.

  1. Seachem Stability

This is a state-of-the-art stability system, developed by our scientists for over 10 years, that can stop ‘new tank syndrome’, the number one fish killer. Seachem Stability contains a blend of bacteria and its addition to your aquarium quickly starts the biofilter, stabilising both marine and freshwater environments.

  1. Seachem Equilibrium

Poor plant growth in your tank can often be due to a deficiency in minerals.

Seachem Equilibrium is designed to achieve the ideal mineral content in your planted aquarium and does not include sodium or chloride, like other leading competitor products, making it one of our best selling aquarium supplies online.

  1. Seachem Flourish

Seachem Flourish is a complete supplement for a planted aquarium and is also safe for tanks that contain shrimps.

It is specifically designed to be used with other macro and micronutrient supplements to give you the control to achieve the perfect balance.

  1. Seachem Paraguard

One of our top Seachem aquarium products due to ease of use, Paragard removes ectoparasites, fungal, bacterial and viral lesions, with no potentially toxic or difficult to use medications.

  1. Seachem Purigen

Purigen is a hugely innovative filtration media with the highest removal capacity on the market.

It lasts for a long time, providing huge value for money and is one of our best selling aquarium supplies online worldwide.

  1. Seachem Phosguard

Without proper maintenance phosphate levels in your tank will rise, causing algae to grow, which could deplete oxygen and affect your fish. Phosguard removes silicate and phosphate.

  1. Seachem Ammonia Alert

Our simple to use and hugely effective water testing kit, Ammonia Alert is a top selling Seachem aquarium product. It is an ongoing monitoring system that alerts you when levels change, so you there’s no need for complex testing – just use your eyes.

  1. Seachem DeNitrate

Last but not least of the top 10 selling Seachem aquarium products is this filtration system that removes nitrate, ammonia and organics from your tank.

All of the above products were designed by our scientists and it is well worth seeking out and reading the relevant product page to embark on a short chemistry lesson, so you understand exactly what each one will do in your tank.