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Seachem aquarium medication

Aquarium medications from Seachem

Keeping your water safe At Seachem we produce a comprehensive range of premium aquarium medication products. These specialist aquarium water treatment products include antiseptics, as well as aquarium antibiotics to protect against and cure bacterial, fungal, parasitic and viral infections. The most versatile aquarium medication on the market Most aquarium medication requirements can be met […]

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we can help you look after your saltwater aquarium

Seachem Saltwater Aquarium Products

Only the Best for your Saltwater Aquarium Seachem provides a comprehensive range of products for every saltwater aquarium keeper. Whether you have a freshwater or saltwater aquarium we are guaranteed to have everything you need to keep your tank and its inhabitants flourishing. Here we provide some detail relating to our range of premium saltwater […]

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The Seachem aquavitro ranhr

The Seachem Aquavitro Range

What is Aquavitro? Seachem Aquavitro is a no-compromises, rigorously optimised reef-centric product line, developed with the requirements of the reef AND the requirements of the hobbyist in mind. The testimonials on Seachem Aquavitro speak for themselves and confirm that with this innovative reefkeeping line we truly have developed products that revolutionise the market. How is […]

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types of our chemical filtration

Tell Me More About Seachem Chemical Filtration

How do Seachem Hypersorb and Seachem Purigen 100ml Compare? We at Seachem produce the best performing, longest lasting chemical filtration media on the market. We are often asked how our chemical filtration products compare to one another and which products should be used in which setting. Two such products that are highly comparable are Seachem […]

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Our Seachem reef calcium

Seachem Reef Calcium

The Best Calcium for your Reef If you are searching for the best calcium supplement for your reef tank then read on. There is a reason why Seachem is the world’s leading supplier of aquarium supplies. Here will will provide you with some information relating to our reef supplement range, including Seachem Reef Calcium. The […]

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