Seachem’s Top Gift Ideas for Fish Lovers

Seachem’s Top Gift Ideas for Fish Lovers

What to Get a Fish Lover for Christmas

Seachem want to help you this festive season with the perfect gift ideas for fish lovers.

At Christmas don’t you tend to wish that all of your family members had a hobby.

If only everyone had something they loved to do so that I knew exactly what you could buy them AND knew that they would be really pleased to receive it.

If you’re looking for gift ideas for fish lovers, or for someone starting an aquarium for the first time, then Seachem is absolutely the right place to find them.

Everything on our site is pretty much essential to the setup and proper maintenance of an aquarium.

We also know that you might need a little guidance.

If you don’t keep fish yourself we don’t expect you to know your aquarium water conditioners from your filtration devices, or Prime aquarium water treatment from Flourish Excel.

We’ve put together this short guide to help you select the most useful and appreciated Christmas gift you can.

What is the Best Gift Idea for Fish Lovers?

Well, like we say, most of the products on our site are essential in some capacity and all of them are the world’s leading products in their categories but in our opinion, if you’re looking for gift ideas for fish lovers, you can’t go wrong with Seachem Prime aquarium water treatment.

Why Prime?

If you don’t know a whole lot about aquarium maintenance but have someone in your life that does, you can’t go wrong with Prime aquarium water treatment.

Some of our products are only required in certain aquarium environments and would not be suited to others but every tank needs aquarium water conditioner.

Tap water contains some toxic heavy metals and they have to be neutralised in order for fish to live in that water.

That is what Prime does.

Prime will be required intermittently for the life of an aquarium and, what’s more, there is no other aquarium water conditioner in the world that performs quite like it.

It is five times more concentrated than any competing product on the market, so a little goes a long way and it has a number of unique attributes that make it the perfect gift for fish lovers.

Other Gift Ideas for Fish Lovers

If you would like to buy a bundle of Seachem products for your loved one, why not check out our top 10 best selling products list for more ideas?

Using Seachem Prime for Aquariums

Using Seachem Prime for Aquariums

What Does Prime do for Aquariums?

Seachem Prime water treatment and prime for aquarium are our top selling products worldwide and for good reason. It is by far the industry’s leading complete water conditioner.

Here we will tell you everything you need to know about why that is and what you can expect from Seachem Prime for aquarium water treatment.

In essence, Seachem Prime is a complete conditioner for both fresh and saltwater tanks. It completely detoxifies the heavy, toxic metals found in tap water, leaving a safe environment for your fish.

Specifically, it removes chlorine and chloramine while detoxifying ammonia and nitrate. It is also important to note that Seachem Prime water treatment will not alter the pH levels on your tank because it is non-acidic.

Prime for Aquariums Goes Further

Seachem Prime water conditioner is not the only water conditioning treatment on the market but it does offer a number of innovations that keep it on top.

One of the most beneficial aspects of the product is its level of concentration. Just 5ml of Prime water treatment is needed for a 250 litre tank, meaning that it lasts five times longer than its leading competitor.

As a result we can confidently say that Seachem Prime for aquariums is the most cost-effective water conditioner treatment available in the world.

Seachem Prime; for Aquarium Innovation

Being good for water, Prime water treatment is great for fish and other marine life.

Thanks to our dedicated team of scientists this product is packed full of innovations but one of the cleverest is that it encourages the natural defence systems of your fish.

While other products in this space can claim to add a slime coating to fish, the essential ions within Prime encourage fish to produce their own natural coating, as nature intended.

Another nifty little feature worthy of note is the water Seachem Prime water conditioner tackles the ammonia in your tank. While all conditioners neutralise ammonia, only Prime water treatment will leave the ammonia completely detoxified, safe and present for the bacteria in the tank to digest and remove naturally.

What’s more, Prime for aquariums will not affect the skimmer or the skimming process in your marine tank.

It will go about its business, providing a more thorough conditioning than any of its leading competitors, without causing the overproduction of foam or any other adverse effects.

Know your Prime Water Treatment

Seachem Prime water conditioner is the most thorough and long lasting product on the market – prime for aquarium use, you might say!

It’s simple to use and the only FAQ we get about Seachem Prime is ‘is it supposed to smell like this?’

The answer, invariably, is ‘yes’. Prime has a distinct, sulphur smell.

That’s normal.

That smell doesn’t mean it’s gone off, it just means that you have your hands on genuine Seachem Prime for aquariums and your fish are in safe hands!