Why Choose Seachem as your Fish Food Suppliers?

Only The Best for your Fish

Seachem is one of the leading fish food suppliers in the world.

In fact, we are the leading supplier of all products for fish tank maintenance.

An independent company with a staff of leading scientists, dedicated to ensuring that all of our products perform better than the leading competitors, it makes sense that as fish food suppliers our products would be second to none.

But what is available when it comes to Seachem fish food and what makes it unique? Here we break down the details.

The Seachem Fish Food Nutridiet Range

Discus Flakes – a balanced diet formulated to meet the requirements of all discus.

Shrimp Flakes – a balanced diet, containing shrimp and krill, formulated to meet the requirements of marine and freshwater fish.

Chlorella Flakesa fortified Chlorella flake food for all freshwater and marine fish.

Marine Flakesall of the nutrients and minerals necessary for the health and growth of marine fish.

Cichlid Flakes – a balanced diet formulated to meet the requirements of cichlid fish.

Goldfish Flakes – a balanced diet formulated to meet the requirements of all goldfish.

Tropical Flakes – a balanced diet formulated to meet the requirements of all tropical fish.

The Ingredients and Minerals That Make Us Top Fish Food Suppliers


These days chlorella algae is considered a super-food for humans, as well as for fish and other marine life!

It is an absolute powerhouse – containing many vitamins and nutrients, as well as amino acids. It far surpasses the nutritional benefits of spirulina algae, which is an alternative included by most other fish food suppliers.


GarlicGuard is unique to Seachem fish food.

Developed by our own scientists, you won’t find this fantastic ingredient in the products of any other fish food suppliers. It is an appetite stimulant, included in all of our fish foods, that will enhance the palatability of the food to encourage even finicky eaters. It is also a natural antibacterial/antiparasitic product.

As such it protects against a myriad of infections and infestations, making overall fish tank maintenance much easier.

Vitamin C

While vitamin C is not always easy for fish to find in their natural diet, it is incredibly important that they get enough of it.

Vitamin C is an important factor in the growth and health of aquatic animals, as well as for wound healing, the formation of connective tissue and bone matrix. All foods in the Seachem Nutridiet range contain optimum levels of vitamin C.

View the full food range of leading fish food suppliers Seachem in our shop.

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