How do Seachem Hypersorb and Seachem Purigen 100ml Compare?

We at Seachem produce the best performing, longest lasting chemical filtration media on the market.

We are often asked how our chemical filtration products compare to one another and which products should be used in which setting.

Two such products that are highly comparable are Seachem HyperSorb and Seachem Purigen 100ml.

Here we will address the most frequently asked questions about these products and how they compare/contrast.

Why use Seachem Chemical Filtration Products?

Seachem is a dedicated company, employing a team of top scientists that is focused on one thing – creating the best performing, most economical products for the aquatics industry.

As a result, our chemical filtration media is second to none.

We offer a range of products that compliment each other and are suited to a variety of fresh and saltwater settings.

Seachem HyperSorb, our original chemical filtration media, outperforms all other blended synthetic media and compounds.

Even this fantastic product, however, has now been superseded in our top selling product range by Seachem Purigen 100ml, a completely unique filtration media of our own design that removes impurities from water at a rate that exceeds all comparable competitor products by 500%.

So you can see that Seachem really is the brand to buy when it comes to products for your aquarium but which filtration product should you opt for and why?

Seachem HyperSorb and Seachem Purigen – The Similarities

Both of these products are chemical filtration resin that help control ammonia/nitrite levels.

They both sit inside the filter of your aquarium in a filter bag (such as The Bag, available on our site). Both products will change colour over time to indicate when they are loaded with impurities and need to be removed.

Once they are removed, both Hypersorb and Purigen can be easily regenerated using household bleach, making the resin reusable and meaning that your product will last for a long time.

Both are suitable for both fresh and saltwater.

Seachem HyperSorb and Seachem Purigen – The Differences

Purigen was developed after HyperSorb and is unique in its makeup.

It is neither an ion exchange resin or a scavenger resin.

It is a macro-porous synthetic polymer that removes soluble and insoluble impurities at an incredibly high rate. It’s removal capacity is much higher than most other products on the market.

Seachem Purigen has a much higher capacity for organic waste removal than Seachem Hypersorb and for this reason we recommend opting for this product if you have a reef aquarium.