Caring for Aquatic Plants For Ponds

Any pond plant supplier will tell you that floating pond plants and other plant life that exists in and around your pond has an important role to play in its ecosystem.

Plants do for ponds, in effect, what trees do for us – they create oxygen and provide shelter.

They also go beyond this.

As well as providing shelter for frogs and insects, and hiding places for fish, plants for ponds support your pond’s filtration. They absorb or assimilate unwanted elements in the water and help to maintain the biological balance.

In the summer, floating pond plants will help to stop your pond from overheating.

In short, pond plant suppliers perform an important role because pond plants are vital to the life of your pond, especially if you keep fish.

For these reasons and more it is important to keep your pond plants alive and in good condition. Much like your fish, plants for ponds must be fed with the correct nutrients and provided with the optimal environment and care to flourish.

That is why Seachem provides a range of pond plant supplements that is recommended and preferred by pond plant suppliers the world over.

Seachem Pond Plant Supplement Range

Our range of pond plant supplements is known as Flourish. The Flourish range works with you to support the growth and maintenance of floating pond plants and other beneficial plants for ponds.

There are three products in our pond plant supplement range. They work synergistically to support plants, for ponds that support and encourage wildlife of all types. These products include:

Seachem Pond Flourish – a liquid growth stimulator for pond plant stems and leaves

Pond Flourish Tabs growth stimulating tablets for pond plant roots. Great for the beginner, they contain all the nutrients found in Flourish but in a dry, tabular form

Pond Flourish Iron – the companion product to Seachem Flourish and Flourish Tabs, Flourish Iron contains 10,000mg/L and is ideal for iron maintenance in your pond

Seachem is one of the world’s leading suppliers of pond and aquarium supplies. We have a team of scientists working to develop new and improved solutions to all of your needs and they are happy to answer any questions you may have.

If you have a query about plants for ponds head to our FAQ page. If that doesn’t contain the answer you are looking for you can submit a question to ask a Seachem expert.